About Us



Hello I am Joe, owner and operator of Right Side Gear.

I started Right Side Gear to create top quality gear and accessories that are made in the U.S.A. After seeing and doing repairs to the gear of friends in Law Enforcement and the Fire Service, I have seen where the prices are going up and quality is going down. My goal here is to make quality merchandise at affordable prices. 

I have 12 years combined experience in the Fire Service and Sheriff’s Department Corrections Division. I understand the need for top quality gear in these fields and the financial restraints on purchasing gear. I know many people that have wound up purchasing their own gear without reimbursement. I left those jobs for a more stable non shift related environment to be with my family. I started working in the heavy equipment field as a mechanic where I later suffered a debilitating shoulder and back injury resulting in complete disability. 

I am not one to rely on others to provide for my family. I created this company because I saw the need for quality, affordable, U.S.A. made gear for everyone including farmers, ranchers, military, hunters, and the everyday citizen. I am also responsible for providing for my family and this is the center of my core beliefs that hard work, Family, faith and personal responsibility will provide all that I need. Because of my core beliefs if at any time a piece of Right Side Gear nylon equipment should fail, contact me for repair or replacement of product.

All products have been field tested by friends still in those fields, my wife and myself. All gear is designed for practicality, and the need for an item. I listen to what my customers have to say about design, and if a prototype product doesn’t meet their expectations I redo it before offering it for sale.

I look forward to doing business with you.

Joe Patrick